The Mathematics of Finance not only for students

About the web

This site is dedicated to financial mathematics. There are the financial mathematics calculators.

The site is also available from the domain finmath.info, mathematics.finance or mathematics.financial.

I focus mainly on students and teachers. However, examples may also be used by the general public or investment advisers.

Visitors to the site have the ability to compute on how much money they will have after savings for several years, how much will be saved on regular deposits for several years, etc. This is a pure calculation using financial mathematics, which does not include different banks fees. In fact, this is an optimal option that can be achieved under predefined conditions.

Jitka Vachtová - individual lessons in mathematics

For each financial calculator there is a sample example that the student can count on. The example can be modified. The example shows the calculation procedure including the formulas used. Each example is counted as if the student wrote a written work at school. For each financial calculator, I also mention the formula for Microsoft Excel.

Financial mathematics calculators can help visitors in investment decision-making and planning the future. Based on financial mathematics, a net computation can then be compared with the bank's specific bids and make a final investment decision.

Any comments and suggestions can be sent to email jitka at vachtova.cz.

Thank you.

Jitka Vachtová